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“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” Scott Hamilton

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Sports funding should be based upon excellence and not whether an athlete has two legs or one. Our goal is to get sport funders to give the same level of funding to Paralympic sport and to treat Paralympians as equals.

Our Mission

We want to change the inequality of sports funding in Romania. Disabled individuals who want to excel in sports and represent their country need the same support and backing as able-bodied individuals.

The only way this can happen is if a fair government and companies start endorsing equal opportunities in sport. If a company sponsors an able athlete they should also sponsor a disabled athlete. The Ukraine sent 20 times more Paralympians to the London 2012 Paralympic games than Romania. Hungary sent over 30 athletes. Romania sent 6.

We have hundreds of disabled people who want to take up sport, some of whom will go on and become world and Paralympic champions. We need your support to make this happen – help us make a change!

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